FAQ and Orientation Guide

How do I join Troop 221?

If you're at least 11 years old, we have a very easy way for you to join our troop... just show up to a scout meeting! You will meet the scoutmaster and be introduced to the other boys in the troop. You'll have a chance to observe us, and sit in with a patrol. Your parents will have a chance to meet the adult leadership and see what a typical meeting is like.  For more information, call our scoutmaster Mark Vitello at 725-8633.

When and where do you meet?

Troop 221 is sponsored by Cave Spring United Methodist Church in soutwest Roanoke County. We meet every Monday night at 7:30pm. We are located on Hazel Drive, which is accessed via Colonial Avenue near Kroger and Route 221.

How much does it cost to join Troop 221?

The annual dues are $60. This includes registration and Boys Life. The only other fees are for individual events, such as a camping trip. These costs are paid for as a boy participates in the event.

Where can I buy uniforms and equipment?

Uniform and Scouting materials can be purchased at the Boy Scout Shop in the Boy Scout Service Center near Valley View Mall. See www.bsa-brmc.org for directions. The uniforms and other items can also be purchased online from the Boy Scout National Supply division - see www.scoutingstuff.org or call 1-800-323-0732.

To help defray some of the cost of scouting, our troop has a collection of donated uniforms which have been outgrown. If you would like to take advantage of this program by borrowing uniform parts, please see any of the troop leaders. Likewise, if you have a uniform that is outgrown, please consider donating it to the troop for someone else to use.

Equipment costs vary according to your camping and hiking preferences. One need not have the "latest and greatest" high-tech equipment to have a great scouting experience. In fact, we suggest all new boys check with the troop first to borrow some of our equipment before making any long-term purchases.

A scout must have a 20-degree sleeping bag for fall-winter-spring outings. Summer sleeping bags should be a lighter weight, depending on individual preference. The troop will supply tents, stoves and patrol cooking gear for outings, as needed. We also have some backpacks which can be used.

Over time, most boys will want to have their own gear as their needs develop and their trips become more challenging. For the best place to buy camping and hiking gear, please check with our troop leaders, who are always more than happy to share a favorite suggestion or website link for camping equipment. Most will all agree that Campmor (www.campmor.com) is one of the most diverse online sources, at a good price. Many leaders like the price savings at Sierra Trading Post (www.sierratradingpost.com), where you can buy "last year's model" at close-out prices. These are just two of many online sources for good-quality camping equipment.

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Feb 6, 2014, 6:11 PM