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The Troop provides an advancement review process that allows a scout's progress to be assessed. The process also allows the scout to assess the Troop, providing feedback to the Scoutmaster and board of review members.  This review process is described in the Orientation Guide.

When you feel you are ready to advance, see Asst. Scoutmaster Snebold to begin your review process, preferably at the first of the month.  He will check your records to make sure the requirements are met. A Review Panel will assess your achievements and schedule a Scoutmaster Conference, followed by a Board of Review.  This process may take approx. 3 weeks.


Advancement into the upper ranks involves a positions of responsibility.  Current and future scout leaders can review each position's requirements in the JuniorLeadershipBooklet (downloadable version below.)


Who To See:

To sign up for a scoutmaster conference for the rank of Scout,Tenderfoot, Second Class, or First Class, bring your Troop 221 Requirements Check Off List and see Mr. Snebold. 

To sign up for a scoutmaster conference for the rank of Star, Life, or an Eagle Palm, see Mr. Snebold.

To sign up for a scoutmaster conference for the rank of Eagle, see Mr. Vitello. (see Eagle links below)

Frequently asked questions:


- Where do I get a Blue Card for a merit badge or find a counselor for a merit badge?


Answer: See Mr. Sutherland

- Who can sign off on the requirements in the Scout Manual as a scout completes the requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class?


Answer: Any scout that is "Trained", that is, any scout that has completed JLT (Junior Leader Training), can sign off the Check List. The scouts that are trained are the Senior Patrol Leader, any Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, any Patrol Leader, any Troop Guide or any scout that has served in one of these positions and has a "Trained" patch on his uniform sleeve.


Additional Information for:

Tenderfoot rank: Parent/guardian should sign off Substance Abuse requirement #8

Scout rank: Parent/guardian should sign off "How to Protect Your Child from Child Abuse: A Parent's Guide" requirement

Second Class rank: Only Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster may sign off the "Lighting a Stove" requirement

Second Class and First Class Orienteering: Only the adult leaders of the Orienteering hikes/activities may sign off the requirements

- When will my Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review be held? They are held once each month, usually before or after the troop meeting.


- How do I earn Service Hours?


Answer: Go talk to Scoutmaster Vitello. He must approve a Service Project BEFORE you perform the work. Mr. Vitello has approved many Service Projects over the years, including RAM House, Adopt-A-Highway Cleanups, and helping with previous Eagle Projects. Check with Mr. Vitello FIRST!

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